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Nilce Silvina Enrietti Loisa
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I was born in Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. I studied photography at the School of Photographic Art (Avellaneda), Agfa Digital Imaging seminar and Photographic Essay. I am graduated from the Argentine Naturalist School (Aves Argentinas NGO) with the title of Field Naturalist. I have approved pre-university Degree in Multimedia Arts at the National University of Arts. I have received training in Ethnobiology, Ophidism, Wildlife Birds observation, Birds of prey, Strategy communication, Environmental Journalism and Canopy technics.

I have worked as a freelance photographer, among others, for the Argentine Naturals Sciences Museum (MACN Bernardino Rivadavia), National Parks Administration (APN), Wildlife Foundation Argentina (FVSA), Naturals Sciences Museum of La Plata city (FCNyM), Aique-Larousse publisher, Aves Argentinas (NGO), Argentine Post Philately; Félix de Azara Foundation, besides collaborations for scientific publications, books and magazines (in Argentina and abroad).

Since 2005 I am member of de Internation Agency based in Switzerland LatinPhoto, and since 2017 I am Member Coordinator. www.latinphoto.org.
Since 2015 I am part of the team of FrogLeaps UICN CEC as Spanish facilitator. http://es.frogleaps.org/
Books of my authorship:
“Fotógrafa, breves relatos de viajes”, compilation of photographs and travel stories from Argentina, printed in Ivrea, Italy, on ecologically certified paper. Bilingual version -Spanish-Italian-, with the support of the Quincinetto Council and The Piedmont in the world Association.

“Parque Nacional El Rey, un documental en vivo y en directo”. Complete editorial work of the Ecology of El Rey National Park book, which includes photographic record, research, writing, design and executive production. The book is in pre-press process, by the National Parks publisher. El Rey National Park is in Yungas rainforest of Salta Province, Argentina.

I was awarded with the International Price "Piemontesi Protagonisti, 2016 edition", for my work in science spread and environmental conservation.


Since 2001 I have been projecting didactic audio-visuals, about environmental conservation in several Educational Institutes, for all stages of education. See details and a few pictures at: http://www.increibleargentina.blogspot.com.ar/

Since 2009 I have been given several talks in Argentina, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, about the importance of the environmental care, cultural and biological diversity of Argentina, and the applications of nature photography in the conservation message. More details in "Exhibitions".

Field work Experience:
* Audiovisual production for the Andean Cat Alliance (AGA). Project for the conservation of the Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita), work with the community of Lagunillas del Farallón, Puna, province of Jujuy.
* Survey of biological diversity, La Candelaria ranch, Yungas, province of Salta. Biodiversity Foundation.
* Photographic record for “The natural and cultural heritage of the Argentine Northwest”, strategic communication project of the National Park Administration in order its conservation. Iguazú Falls National Park -Subtropical rainforest ecoregion-, Misiones Province.
* Llama Lama glama caravans, prehispanic way of trade still using between some Andean population. Photographic survey of the ethnobiological study run by VICAM researcher PhD. Vilá. Santa Catalina -Puna ecoregion-, Jujuy Province.
* Photographic sampling of the “Sustainable use of wild vicuñas
Vicugna vicugna in Jujuy” project run by VICAM with the direction of Midori Prize (CBD-Aeon) winner PhD B. Vilá. In a team with national research council (CONICET) researchers PhD. Y. Arzamendia, PhD. H. Yacobaccio, Vet. G. Marcoppido, Eng. V. Rojo, Biol. J. Baldo. -Puna ecoregion-.
* Survey of tourist potential and progress of the Improvement and Competitive Development Plan in Albigasta Region -Arid Chaco ecoregion-, support by National Ministry of Agriculture.
* Survey of environmental resources + development of tourism strategies and educational project for the Perugorría Council, Corrientes Province -Espinal and Wetlands transition-.
* Aquatic bird’s census of high altitude wetlands in the Conservation of Aquatic Migratory Birds Project, in Natural Monument Laguna de los Pozuelos, Jujuy Province. National Parks Administration and Aves Argentinas NGO.
* Sampling for anurans in agroecosystems in the Wetlands of Entre Rios Province, Biological Resources Institute, National Institute of Agropecuary Technology (INTA). Research by PhD M. E. Zaccagnini, R. Suarez and J. Damonte.
* Scientific camp Meedle School No. 1, Humid pampas of Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires Province. Scholars: PhD L. Bonán, L Gonzalez Galli, E. Meinardi, G. Galvez, L. Iribarren for the Training and Research Center in Science Teaching of the Natural Sciences Faculty of the Buenos Aires University.
* Project “Conservation of giant anteater” Myrmecophaga tridactyla, Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes Province, conducted by Artis Zoo, Florencio Varela Zoo and Conservation Land Trust NGO.
* Ichthyofauna sampling in the rivers of Baritú National Park, Yungas rainforest ecoregion. Research by BSc J. Dominino, J. Monguillot, National Park Administration.
* Pteridophytes species of Nogalar, Baritú and Calilegua National Parks. -Yungas rainforest ecoregion-. Research by PhD O. Martinez, Salta National University (UNSa).
* "Science Expedition" educational camp in Villa La Angostura, Patagonian forest of Neuquén Province. Scholars: PhD M. Furman, D. Golombek and G. Gellon, et al.
* Mammal Behavioral Ecology Group (GECM), fieldwork of "Pampa's Carnivores Project”, South National University, in E. Tornquist Provincial Park, Buenos Aires Province. Research by: PhD J. Reppucci, E. Luengos Vidal, et al.
* Paleontology of the Triassic period, Ischigualasto Provincial Park, Arid Monte ecoregion, for the Museum of Natural Sciences and National University of San Juan. Scholars: PhD O. Alcober, R. Martínez, G. Heredia, et al.

Teaching, Environmental Education, other mentions and activities:
* From 2015 onwards I have worked in different places arround europe, to explore levels of commitment with the environment and the effectiveness of environmental education. Part of this work was in Rugby, Warwickshire, England.
* Collaborations for the Ecological Consumption Network of Mijas, Andalusia, Spain.
* Photography courses, environmental awareness activities and dissemination El Artsenal Gallery of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain.
* Environmental Education Activities in schools in Frossasco, Quincinetto and Turin, Piedmont, Italy.
* Mountain Refuge Abate Carestia, Tourist Complex "Refugies Monterosa”, Riva Valdobbia, Piedmont, Italy.
* I was environmental educator in teenagers camps organized by the National Ministry of Education as part of the Educational Outreach National Program. 2010-11.
* Between 2009 and 2014, I gave the Wildlife photography course in Aves Argentinas ONG; and Basic Photography and Photographic creativity in Agronomy Department of the Buenos Aires University (FAUBA).
* I was responsible for conceptual development and photographs of Calendar 2008 of Administration of National Parks.
* 2005 I worked as a field volunteer in the GECM’s project “Soul of the Andes", in Jujuy Province.
* 1998 to 2005, I was a photographer of the Circus-theatre group "Circo Chico", 2001 and 2004 "Circovachi", 2002 "CircoXiclo". 2002 to 2010 Argentinian School of Circus.  2010 “A Cielo Abierto Circus”.
* 1998 I was a director of photography in “The Region” magazine. Independent publication referred to Tourism in Argentinean Patagonia.
* 1995 Award in the Professional category of the First Black & White photography Contest "The night of Buenos Aires is Black & White" organized by the Argentinean School of Photography. Jury: Annemarie Heinrich, Alicia D'Amico, Helda Harrington, Ricardo Sanguinetti, Alejandro Montes de Oca.

Exhibitions: Since 1994 I have been continuously exhibited my artwork, throughout Argentina and abroad. Most important:
* 2018-17 Malaga, Spain. Artsenal Muelle Uno artgallery. Exhibition and conference series about conservation and argentine diversity.
* 2017 Quincinetto, Italy. Council Auditorium. Audiovisual exposition about argentine diversity.
* 2017 Frossasco, Italy. Inmigration Museum. Book presentation.
* 2017 Roma, Italy. Argentine Embassy. Conference and book presentation.
* 2017 Mijas, Spain. Bar Carmen.
* 2016 Turin, Italy. Neko Cat-Caffè artgallery.
* 2013 Exhibition Gallery of the Argentine Embassy, Berlin, Germany: exhibition and multimedia presentation, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Nation and the National Park Administration.
* 2013 Municipal Library, Quincinetto, Italy: talk and audiovisual projection of the photographic work about Argentine biodiversity.
* 2013 Municipal Auditorium, Quincinetto, Italy: conference and audiovisual projection about cultural and biological diversity of Argentina.
* 2013 Buenos Aires City. Vaticano and Lavalle squares, exposition about National Parks of Argentina and United States of America.
* 2012 Latin American Congress of Mammalogy, Buenos Aires City: exhibition.
* 2012 Buenos Aires Jockey Club, exhibitions and talks about the Human beings role in conservation topic. Organized by the Buenos Aires City Government.
* 2011 Buenos Aires City. IV Movies Scientist Festival, Argentine chapter, CINECIEN 2011, National Library. Exhibition and talk about the opportunity within the professional wildlife photography for the successful of conservation message.
* 2011 La Concepción Botanical Garden, Malaga, Spain: two exhibitions.
* 2010-2011 Natural History Museum, Marseille, France: participation with three art exhibitions (VEZ, Babas del Diablo II and Visiones de Argentina) as part of "Biodiversité", big exhibition held to mark the International Year of Biodiversity. At the opening ceremony
I gave a conference about Argentine biodiversity.
* 2010 I Latin-American Congress (IV Argentine) of Biodiversity Conservation, San Miguel de Tucumán: exhibition.
* 2010 San Salvador de Jujuy. “The Biodiversity in the Bicentenary”, organized by the Government of Jujuy and the National Park Administration in order to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity. Exhibition.
* 2009 Gallery "Les Routiers", Zürich, Switzerland: exhibition.
* 2009 "Darwin in Argentina", Buenos Aires City: contribution to photo gallery.
* 2008 2nd Latin American Congress of Arachnology - Sixth Meeting of Arachnologists
of the Southern Cone, Salta City: exhibition.
* 2008 National Library, Buenos Aires City. III Movies Scientist Mercosur Festival,
CINECIEN 2008: exhibition.
* 2008 3rd National Congress of Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Sciences Faculty of the Buenos Aires University (FCEyN - UBA), Buenos Aires City: exhibition.

See the last artwork in audiovisual presentations: www.natinsel.com - Multimedia

Artistic Dossier http://www.nilcenrietti.com.ar/notas/Enrietti%20Loisa_Artistic%20Dossier.pdf


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