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Nilce Silvina Enrietti Loisa
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I was born in Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. I studied Photography and Field Naturalist. I have received training in digital and multimedia language, wild bird watching, ophidism, nature interpretation, urban birds of prey, ethnobiology, canopy climbing, strategic communication and environmental journalism.

I work as in wildlife photography, as scientific dissemination as environmental education.

I have given numerous conferences and audiovisual presentations about biodiversity conservation and wildlife photography in Argentina, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

I am photography teacher and author of books on photography and dissemination.

Since 1994, I exhibit my art-works internationally.

I am fortunate that my work has been recognized on several occasions. I was chosen to participate in the International Festival NaturaJazz 2019 of the Museo Naturaleza y Arqueología (MUNA) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; also to be part of the Art Green Week Festival 2019, in Athens, Greece. In Italy, I was distinguished with the International Prize “Piemontesi Protagonisti 2016” by the Association Piemontesi nel Mondo, for my activity in the environment conservation.

I feel privileged to be a photographer, thanks to this incredible profession I have known extraordinary places and beings.

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